Ears: Ear Fold

It is estimated that 5% of the population protrude the ears from the face more than usual. That is why the technique we use to correct this aesthetic disagreement has become one of the most frequently performed corrections.

It is a  novel, simple and effective technique, which is an option to correct prominent ears in less time and with fewer side effects than through traditional surgery otoplasty.

The treatment consists simply in the placement of an implant that will form the auricular fold missing in prominent ear. The method used has immediate results, and also has the great advantage that it does not require post-surgery, so that the patient can immediately return to normal life.


Ears: Ear Fold

The ears are part of an essential sensory organ to which we normally do not pay special attention as long as our hearing is not affected. However, for some people the shape of the ears is an individual characteristic that worries them, since they can become particularly large, outstanding or move away from a certain ideal of beauty, often generating the desire for an aesthetic correction.

It is estimated that this concern affects approximately 5% of the population and can often cause psychological distress, often even from young children. Not surprisingly, according to studies, it is one of the main excuses used by bullies in child or school bullying.

It is one of the aesthetic corrections that men perform more because short hair does not allow them to hide their ears as much as women. Dr. Antonio García reveals to us that when he operates on young people or adolescents, they usually wear their hair covering their ears before undergoing the correction, while after it, it is common for them to come for revision with short hair and equipped with a greater self-confidence.

However, many women who decide to improve the appearance of their ears do so because they also suffer from this concern regarding their image, they are tired of conditioning their hair style to have to cover their ears and they finally want to decide to show off their jewelry or earrings without suspicion.

The Ear Fold system has been designed as a permanent solution for the aesthetic correction of the ears.

It consists of the placement of an implant that will form the atrial fold that is missing in the prominent ear.

It is performed in consultation on an outpatient basis and without the need for general anesthesia. The implant, which is made of a biocompatible gold-coated platinum-nickel metal alloy, is so thin that it cannot be seen externally, has no side effects, and is not annoying.

To test the desired result, simulators are previously used that are placed in the ear so that the patient can appreciate how it will look, before placing the definitive implants. In this way, we can customize the desired final shape to eliminate the complex and satisfy the patient.

This method, which has immediate results, has the great advantage that it does not require post-operative surgery, so that the patient can immediately return to normal life.

It is not necessary to wear a headband, as the surgeon will only have made a few small stitches near the incision through which the Ear Fold is inserted. Furthermore, this technique offers the surgeon control at all times over the desired final aesthetic result, by being able to define the most flattering final appearance together with the patient.

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