Profound®-CSE system

The great technological advances applied to modern aesthetic medicine allow us to achieve highly satisfying results through less invasive methods and without having to undergo surgery. Thanks to Profound-CSE method that our medical director, Dr. Antonio Garcia, has been introduced in the Canary Islands, we apply fractional radiofrequency at a deep level at the precise temperature to cause denaturation of the skin protein.

This will trigger an entire intense cellular regeneration process that will generate up to 5 times more elastin and twice as much collagen naturally, as scientific studies and our experience have shown. ANDThe result: a lasting lifting effect and visible reduction of skin wrinkles, in addition to better hydration and great retraction of the flaccidity of the treated area.


Profound®-CSE system

No, one of the characteristics that make this new non-invasive treatment more special - introduced in the Canary Islands by our Medical Director, the Dr. Antonio García- is that it is a non surgical alternative to fight the "aged" skin

The Profound session has a approximate duration of an hour and a half.

Then, the recovery time ranges from 5 to 7 days. It should be noted that in the same session, our medical team can treat all face areas (nasolabial folds, cheekbones, expression wrinkles, jaw line), as well as the neck and neckline 

One of the benefits that make this treatment special is that Your results can be maintained for 2 years or more, depending on the patient and the care he has with his skin. 

Clinical studies have checked and verified the improvement of flaccidity and hydration in the skin of the total of patients analyzed.

Thanks to recent studies, we know that the Profound®-CSE System manages to generate up to 5 times more elastin and to 2 times more collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

If you decide to try the Profound®-CSE System in our aesthetic clinic in Tenerife, you will be in the best hands: those of the Dr. Patricia López Fajardo, a doctor with extensive experience, who is waiting for you to apply with great professionalism this treatment which will be a before and after for your skin See you in Tenerife?

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