Reduction mammoplasty

In certain cases, the woman, due to a problem in development, due to genetic inheritance or due to simple constitution, presents very large breasts. This can lead to a psychological problem and, in addition, sometimes the excess volume and weight of the breasts is so great, that patients have intense back pain and even consequent deformities in the spine, which can trigger a true functional limitation and alteration in the quality of life.

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Breast reduction

To solve this problem there are breast reduction techniques, which consist not only in raising the breast or removing excess skin, but also in making a wide resection of the breast tissue and the fat accumulated in this region.

Usually the Dr. Antonio García makes incisions around the areola plus vertical scar (Lejour technique) and less frequently in the shape of an inverted "T". In order to leave as little scar as possible, the stitches will go inside the skin, they are reabsorbed on their own and none of them have to be removed (intradermal suture), the final result of the scar being a fine line that at 12-16 months it is practically priceless.

Since it is a broad surgical intervention, it is usually performed under general anesthesia, leaving drains for an approximate period of 24 hours, after which they are withdrawn and the patient can go home.

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