La body mesotherapy is a treatment that is applied by very superficial micro-injections for the prevention of aging and also to improve wrinkles and flaccidity, and to get the global revitalization. These injected substances help the body eliminate localized fat and reduce cellulite.

This technique serves to improve those body areas in which we find:

  • diffuse cellulitis
  • flaccidity
  • localized fat

It has been found that the administration of certain natural elements through mesotherapy provides stimuli to the body that result in the dissolution of accumulated fat in the treated area


It is especially indicated to treat:

  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • abdomen

Injections are made at 4mm depth with very fine needles, with minimal discomfort.

Several sessions are required sequenced once a week.

The products that infiltrate are.

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • essential fatty acids
  • amino acids
  • trace elements
  • toning substances
  • lipolytic substances

Among the benefits that we obtain through this medical-aesthetic therapy we highlight:

  • mobilize accumulated fat
  • reaffirm and improve the appearance of the skin
  • activate blood and lymphatic circulation
  • elimination of liquids and toxins

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