El non-ablative facial rejuvenation system, by which the biological mechanisms of renewal of the epidermis are activated, combines Pulsed light (IPL) with bipolar radio frequency.

The passage of time and external factors such as the sun accelerate the aging process of the skin, causing the complexion to have a rough and irregular texture and often spots, redness and veins that affect the uniformity of the skin tone.


Primarily this treatment allows remove blemishes without harming the rest of the skin's surface, so it is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of stethopathies dermal:

  • Pigmentation problems, as sunspots, freckles or solar lentigines
  • Correct the damage caused by the sun

  • Treat large pores and scars caused by acne

  • Correct imperfections caused by disorders of the blood vessels and capillaries (rosacea, erythema, couperosis, etc.)

  • Recover elasticity and tono de la piel

With the equipment used in CSE | Clínica Salud Estética the side effects of pulsed light (IPL) are reduced due to the use of radiofrequency bipolar. This decreases the risk of causing pigmentation lesions or blistering, since the system E-Light it reaches a dermal penetration of about 15 mm, with which we achieve more effective applications than with IPL and with fewer side effects.

The light beam of the system E-light, penetrates to the inner layers of the skin and stimulates the deep deposits of collagen and elastin, initiating a regenerative action that:

  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Le returns natural elasticity, gloss y smoothness
  • Attenuates wrinkles
  • Pigmentation problems, such as sun spots, freckles or lentigines
  • Correct the damage caused by the sun

  • Treat the large pores and scars caused by acne

  • Correct the imperfections caused for disorders of blood vessels and capillaries (rosacea, erythema, couperosis, etc.)

  • Recover skin elasticity and tone

It is especially suitable for the area Facial, but it is also applicable to cuelloneckline, spots of hands, and even in legs or arms.

The Division of Aesthetics and Apparatus of CSE | Clínica Salud Estética We recommend you to make preparatory treatment to the E-Light, which includes:

  • Facial cleansing
  • Hydration / Moisturization
  • Whitening session

La quick recovery of the patients is one of the main advantages, being able to put on makeup immediately after the treatment. It is only important to be careful to use Solar protection in the treated area, at least during the three subsequent weeks

The subsequent care they are important for the good final result of the treatment. Therefore, it is essential during its development, not to expose the treated areas to the sun, to use the creams indicated by the specialist and, even on cloudy days, to apply sunscreen.

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