La radiofrequency is a technique used in aesthetic medicine to combat flaccidity and cellulite which consists of the application of electromagnetic radiation causing heating the different layers of the skin. The technology that uses this method is able to reach the deepest layers of the dermis while protecting the epidermis during treatment.

Furthermore, the radiofrequency produces the shrinkage of collagen and aging skin fibers to give rise to the formation of new fibers.

This treatment applies a thermal heating to the deposits of fat that serves to stimulate the formation of new collagen, obtaining at corporal level the following effects:

  • remodeling of the contours
  • Improved blood circulation
  • drainage of fluids and toxins
  • contraction of fat cells


En CSE | Clínica Salud Estética we use the system radiofrequency with the following purposes:

  • cellulite treatment
  • tensor treatment of the deep structures of the skin
  • treatment of facial and body flaccidity

It can be used to treat the loose skin of any body area:

  • Tsar
  • cuello
  • neckline
  • chest
  • arms
  • abdomen
  • thighs

The emitted energy acts in a focused way in the areas that you want to treat. We begin by selecting the intensity of the initial emission, which gradually heats the tissues. Once the surface of the skin reaches 40ºC, a deep heating is completely safe for the skin, since no sudden energy peaks are emitted and the handpiece automatically adjusts the energy emission according to the impedance of the skin. treated tissue.

After the treatment normal activities can be performed, although a slight redness could be observed that will disappear at 24 hours.

We recommend sequences between 6 and 8 sessions.

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