Profiling and lip augmentation

Over the years the lips tend to become drier and reduce their volume, thereby reducing their definition and thickness. The skin that covers them is much more delicate than in other areas of the face, so their deterioration may be more evident than in other areas if they do not receive the hydration and care they need.

El hyaluronic acid It is a natural component of our body that we can find in almost all tissues. Its function in our body is to hydrate, retaining liquids, and give more volume to the treated areas, in this case, our lips.

The remodeling with the hyaluronic acid of the lips is, every time, a more extended practice due to the good results that it offers to our patients.

Profiling and lip augmentation

The dermal filler with hyaluronic acid it generates an increase of lips contributing costumes and creating a symmetrical aspect and harmonious. It also serves to redefine Cupid's bow and the area of nasal filtrum, as well as to reduce and lift commissures.

The duration of the filling is variable and is estimated in one year, depending on each patient.

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