The nose is the facial features that give the individual one of its most striking features physiognomic.

The aesthetic corrections of the noseEither because they are excessively large, curved or deviated, they are made through incisions inside it, without leaving an apparent scar.

In this surgical procedure which it consists of correcting in an integral way the deformities of the nose. Its purpose is the correction of defects and at the same time the maintenance or correction of nasal functionality to allow a correct respiratory function.


The intervention usually lasts approximately two hours, it is carried out under general anesthesia, using absorbable stitches that fall out on their own after twenty days, although generally the team of plastic surgeons of CSE | Clínica Salud Estética  extracts them before. Our surgeons place a nasal packing that is removed on the third or fourth day and a cast that is removed after two weeks.

Frequently, nose surgery focuses on the correction of defects of the nasal tip, because it is very wide, tall, square ... and in these cases it is necessary to refine the nasal tip (70% of nasal surgeries).

El postoperative period It is usually quite constant, being able to produce some bruising and slight inflammation that disappears progressively. To observe the final and final result of this surgery, a few months must pass.

As special measures, the Dr. Antonio García discourages sun exposure and glasses for a period of one month.

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