In seconds, we will perform an analysis of your body composition!

Yes in Aesthetic Health Clinic We have the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer of 8 electrodes, which allows to measure the body composition by segments.

This allows us to analyze parameters such as body fat percentage, visceral fat or basal metabolism, useful for analyzing the evolution of body composition during treatments.

At the end of each consultation the patient takes a full report of its analysis and evolution.

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With our Tanita we can get in 15 seconds The following parameters:

  • Weight, BMI 
  • Total and Segmental Fat Mass 
  • Sarcopenia Index 
  • Visceral Fat Index 
  • Fat Free Mass 
  • Cell mass 
  • Total Body Water 
  • Extra and Intracellular Water
  • Total Muscle Mass 
  • Segmental Muscle Mass 
  • Muscle Mass Quality 
  • Proteins, Bone Mineral 
  • Physiological Typology
  • Basal Metabolism (kcal / day)
  • Metabolic age

YesBoth in the first consultation As in the nutrition reviews, we perform body composition analysis.

In addition, we also offer the possibility of performing Bioimpedanciometry in an independent way to nutrition consultations.

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