Botox Vistabel

The butolinic toxin (botox) is a protein synthesized in the laboratory with the capacity to produce a temporary paralysis of the musculature. By preventing muscle contraction, lines of expression and wrinkles are attenuated or eliminated.

Vistabel ®It is not a filling material, therefore it does not eliminate wrinkles by adding volume, but it acts on the muscles of the face, relaxing them and decreasing the impact of contractions on the skin. It acts by restoring the smoothness and luminosity to the face, maintaining a natural facial expression.

The infiltration of Botulinum toxinIn this case, it is a safe treatment that has been used for almost 20 years with exceptional results and that does not require an allergy test. Very small doses are given and it does not accumulate over the years. The effects are always temporary and reversible.

Botox Vistabel

Through the rational use of this product in the upper third of the face(forehead, eyebrows and crow's feet) you get a skin smooth, smooth and wrinkle-free but what allows gesture mobility and the result is very natural, according to the philosophy of Dr. Antonio García.

Effects on women are seen in 10 days and an average of 4-6 months persists, somewhat less in men, for having a more powerful facial musculature. After several sessions the muscle relaxation effect will have a longer duration, depending on the muscular power of each person.

If you want to condition your skin previously to botulinum toxin, In the Division of Aesthetics and Apparatus of CSE we recommend:

  • initial treatment of hygienization and facial moisturization
  • cosmetic treatment of small wrinkles inhibitor

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