Breast lift

La lifting plasty, mastopexy or breast lift is a surgical procedure used to reposition the breasts that have lost firmness.

There are different surgical techniques, but basically all of them aim to make a skin resection that will contribute to contribute firmness to the bust, at the same time we make a internal plasty with the breast tissue itself by designing a kind of prosthesis that we anchor above so that it does not fall again. In cases where in addition to having a ptotic (drooping) breast there is a hypoplasia mammary (small chest), we will need to place a submuscular prosthesis to obtain more satisfactory result.

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El Dr. Antonio García do the Lejour technique, which is basically a vertical mastopexy In which the large horizontal scar at the base of the chest is not made, so it is a scar reduction surgery.

The surgery described is usually performed under general anesthesia, with incisions around the areola and other incisions that we will transform into a single vertical scar, without the need to add the old horizontal submammary scar (inverted T).

The points they will go inside the skin, they are reabsorbed on their own and there is no need to remove any (intradermal suture), the final result of the scar being a thin almost negligible line.

El Dr. Antonio García will leave the Drains during an approximate period of 24 hours, after which they retire and the patient can go home.

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