Hi Fu

Also called ULTRATERAPYIs a  non-invasive method of facial rejuvenation that we apply in CSE | Clínica Salud Estética as a natural alternative to facelift because, without necessity of needles, incisions or infiltrations, a visible tensioning of the structure of the skin takes place.

This treatment consists of application of an ultrasound and high energy beam to achieve selective temperature elevation in the different tissues with the particularity that the surrounding tissues are not affected. That is, with high intensity localized ultrasound we achieve a cell renewal in the treated area.

The utility of HI FU It can be both Facial aesthetics as Body, And the results are amazing.

Hi Fu

It is a safe and proven technology that CSE | Clínica Salud Estética has developed in its exclusive protocols:

  • Name HI FU comes from the acronym in English "High Intensity Focus Ultratherapy."
  • It has numerous clinical studies and has been used for decades in different medical specialties, subsequently evolving into the field of aesthetic medicine.
  • In U.S.A. It has the approval of the FDA for the lifting category in rejuvenation and skin tightening processes.
  • CSE | Clínica Salud Estética has adapted this effective technology to its exclusive combined facial rejuvenation protocols as a result of the experience and development of our own methods.
  • It is done through the emission of mechanical vibrations that cause the application of the precise temperature in the selected depth in each moment to obtain the desired result.

The result of this controlled intervention in the tissue triggers the production of new collagen and cutaneous retraction  with immediate tensor effect.

At the same time, a natural repair process that produces a lot of collagen y elastina in the weeks after treatment.

The session takes place approximately in one hour and, once finished, you can continue your daily activity as normal.

The treatment HIFU is consistent with the philosophy of beauty CSE | Clínica Salud Estética,  What is it:

  • Provide effective solutions with natural and harmonic results.
  • Respect the uniqueness and unique character of each face.
  • Maximize the beauty that each person can radiate at any stage of their life.

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