La endermology is a painless aesthetic treatment which is responsible for stimulating the lymphatic and vascular system of the treated area, reducing localized body fat and quickly eliminating fluids and toxins from our body.

Through the LIPOMASSAGE, applied with the latest generation of LPG appliances, fat resistant to physical exercise and diets can be eliminated in a lasting manner.

The technique used to perform this procedure is non-invasive for the patient.

In this way, it is possible to reshape or shape those areas of the body that present fluid retention or localized fat such as abdomen, buttocks or arms.


It is a massage performed by two motorized rollers that the professional moves around the patient's body, covered by a mesh.

It is especially indicated to treat cellulite problems or areas that still have resistant fats, despite having a good hygiene of life.

In addition, it serves to improve the quality and appearance of the skin.

The objectives of the treatment are:

  • release resistant fats
  • smooth cellulite
  • firm skin
  • re-sculpt the figure

The endermología is especially useful to fight against the effects of time and against the "love handles", obtaining as a result:

  • softer skin
  • greater firmness
  • a more slender body

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