Acne - Biologique Recherche (BR)

Discover now this novel treatment against acne, that we offer in our Aesthetic Clinic in Tenerife: Biologique research (BR). If we had to sum it up in 3 words, we would say: Heal, repair and regenerate.

En CSE | Clínica Salud Estética we apply the wisdom of one of the most respectful and balanced laboratories in the world of dermo-aesthetics - Biological Researche - to treat a problem as sensitive as that of acne skins, with conditions or impurities.

If you care about acne and want see you free of sequels in the future, our specialists in acne skins they will accompany you with all the delicacy and effectiveness of Biological Researche (BR).

Know below in detail, this novel treatment; and remember that in addition, you can visit our section with more options to treat Acne, doing here.

Biological Research (BR)

CSE's mission is to treat the skin in synergy with all the power of the active ingredients that nature offers us. The end pursued is pspray a pure medium in which the skin can heal and, with it, look smoother and more homogeneous.

It is very important not damage that skin during the acne process, otherwise, there may be visible marks and pores.

The first thing we are going to do is diagnose what is the origin of the imbalance that causes it and then we will apply the necessary treatments depending on the stage in which the acne is.

With Biologique Recherche (BR) we ensure that: 

- We are going to use high concentrations of natural and biotechnological active ingredients compatible with the skin.

- No type of fragrances, colorants, preservatives or any other element that may produce adverse reactions.

- We will apply the specific methods required to respond to each "Instant skin"

This allows us:
- Control acne in each of its phases
- Avoid to form scars or long-term skin irregularities

Possible minimize and repair the aftermath left by acne with combined dermal regeneration and surface layer removal treatments.

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