Increasing mammoplasty

While the ideal of beauty may vary, women generally want a fuller, better shaped, larger, and positioned bust. The motivation to undergo a increase surgery Breast can be a flaccid, empty or too small breast, as well as a malformation or difference in size or shape. In some cases, an initially well-formed breast may appear empty due to breastfeeding, weight loss, or simply the passage of time. For these patients, breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery (vertical or inverted T mastopexy) allows them to gain confidence and self-esteem regarding their image.

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Breast augmentation

In a first informative consultation with the plastic surgeon, the breast shape and the most appropriate surgical technique for each patient are studied, their expectations and motivations regarding the change in the desired shape and size are addressed, examining the breast, at the same time they deal with questions about your general health.

Always requires a radiological examination of the bust so prior to the increase surgery of chest is requested ultrasoundmammography  to diagnose if there is any alteration in breast tissue that contraindicates breast augmentation surgery.

As for anesthesia tests, these are carried out by the anesthetist in the clinical center where the intervention is to be carried out. Currently available anesthetics applied by a specialist in a healthy subject can be considered largely risk-free. The patient must have completed her body development, so any woman of legal age can be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

There are different approaches, but normally for breast augmentation surgery the Dr. Antonio Garcia makes a small incision in the submammary groove, since in this way the mammary gland is not altered, which favors subsequent mammographic controls. Through this access, the surgeon prepares a cavity, usually under the pectoral muscle, into which the implant is inserted.

Today there are countless shapes and sizes of breast implants, and they can be round or anatomical. In this way, the patient can choose from a photo book which is the desired result, depending on her tastes and her anatomy.

Subsequently, the team of plastic surgeons from CSE | Clínica Salud EstéticaAfter a thorough taking of body and chest measurements, you will decide the most suitable width, height and projection for the implants. For the patient to understand the result, experimental models equivalent to the selected implants will be tested, the final result being able to be seen in the mirror and thus reaching an agreement based on their tastes.

Only implants authorized by the Ministry of Health must be used, which offer all the guarantees of safety, and are subject to all the quality standards recognized worldwide. They must be CE Certified and approved by the US FDA.

The main risk of breast augmentation It is the encapsulation of the prostheses, which can occur in the years after surgery and is related to an infectious breast process (mastitis) or bleeding as a result of trauma.

The careful method employed by the team of surgeons CSE | Clínica Salud Estética It has allowed the intervention of more than a thousand patients without having to report cases of encapsulation in the immediate postoperative period (first year).

This wide reduction in the risk of encapsulation is due to:

  • The meticulous surgical technique used in which post-surgical bleeding is practically non-existent, a potential cause of the aforementioned complication.
  • The demanding post-operative care with absolute rest.
  • The treatments with appliances aimed at their proven prevention, following the American protocols.

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