Gynecomastia consists of theincrease of breast tissue in man.

The breast tissue that man possesses is usually atrophied or has an inappreciable volume. By genetic, hormonal or obesity issues, This tissue may be increased, presenting what we call gynecomastia. The effect it produces is unsightly and is sometimes the cause of emotional disorders that can be resolved with a simple and short-term surgery.


If it is a small amount of breast tissue and the volume is small, Dr. Antonio García can proceed with its extraction through liposuction with local anesthesia and sedation, and if there is also excess skin and the areola is low, it will make a reduction of skin using a technique of circumferential pexia (elevation of the areola),leaving a scar around a new smaller and higher areola.

The only postoperative feature will be that the patient has to wear a compression bandage, which will be removed at 24 hours after surgery and subsequently a compression belt of chest during a month.

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