The passage of time causes the tissues of certain areas of our body (face, cervical area, ...) to have less elasticity and firmness, as well as the muscles.

Through the facelift can be rejuvenate these areas, giving them a smooth appearance. This treatment is intended to combat facial aging. To do this, wrinkles and imperfections on the face and neck are stretched by means of a minimally invasive surgery.


Over the years the tissues of the face lose elasticity y firmness, so its relaxation and fall occurs. Currently, the extensive anatomical knowledge allows to act to recover the smooth appearance of youth, not only on the excess skin but also on the underlying muscular structure, whose sagging is responsible for the appearance of the face.

Through this surgery, incision lines and scars will remain hidden behind the ears, with the exception of one in the preauricular area that is not going to be practically visible.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and often the Dr. Antonio García he associates it with the frontal lift. Drains are placed that will be removed at 24 hours, to avoid bruising and 2 days after the intervention, the patient can go home with a special compression garment that must be kept for 10 days.

El facelift it will be indicated according to the suitability of the intervention, since there may be alternative non-ablative treatments with good results.

Over the years, the cervical area suffers a "sagging" due to the decrease in muscle tone and accumulation of fat in this region, this is what we call cervical ptosis and that gives the patient an older appearance. Through incisions that are hidden behind the pinna, we work on the support tissue of the neck, that is, on the muscle whose laxity is responsible for the flaccidity of the cervical area, to trim and tighten it, placing it more vertically in its original position .

We usually associate it with a Cervical liposculpture of the "double chin", to eliminate the fat that we consider excessive.

It is performed under general anesthesia, leaving a drain that is removed after 24 hours to avoid the formation of bruises.

This intervention is performed under general anesthesia although, sometimes, it can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation, and the patient must remain admitted to the hospital for 48 hours.

El front lifting is a surgical procedure that consists of stretch the forehead, eyebrows and tissues that are around the eye area, to give the patient a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Until a few years ago, the existing techniques only achieved moderate improvements with a short time of permanence. Nowadays, however, the great advances in plastic surgery have made this intervention simple and painless, achieving long-lasting results.

Using endoscopy techniques, we replace large scars with very small ones, through which we introduce a mini-camera that allows us to control the surgical field on which we are working through a screen.

With very small incisions of approximately 1 cm, we are able to improve the frontal wrinkles, raise the eyebrows and open the lateral portion of the eyebrows and of the eye, also allowing an elevation of the middle part of the face (malar region or cheekbones), mainly in people with middle age with good elasticity of the skin, in order to restore the tissues to their position, removing the appearance of fatigue and sadness.

El Frontal liftingl is used to improve certain facial characteristics such as drooping eyebrows or expression lines in the forehead or frown region. On many occasions, this technique is associated with others that are performed in the same surgical time, such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

This technique involves subjecting the external and temporal frontal area to a traction whose most striking effect will be the rise of the tail of the eyebrow. With this traction, patients notice a great improvement in expression, disappearing the "tired" appearance.

The incisions are located on both sides of the head, within the hair area, in order to make it less visible and is generally associated with correction of the eyelids.

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