Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to correct the alterations that occur in the abdomen over the years, such as loss of elasticity, firmness of the skin and relaxation of the abdominal structures. This loss of tone produces a feeling of a distended abdomen, especially in women who have had several children.

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The procedure consists of a abdominal liposculpture and repositioning of the lower abdominal skin through an incision in the suprapubic area that will leave the scar hidden under the swimsuit. Dr. Antonio García uses this approach in order to correct abdominal distension and mark the waist, to finally remove excess skin and fat at the lower level.

This intervention is done under general anesthesia, with hospital admission 48 hours and an abdominal compression belt will be maintained for the next two months.

Candidates for this surgery do not have to be overweight, since many patients with a normal body weight have a manifest distension of the abdominal muscles.

This surgical procedure is indicated for those patients with more discrete and less pronounced abdominal skirts, which prevents us from removing all the skin from the navel to the suprapubic region.

In these cases a less aggressive intervention is carried out, no need to disinsert the navel to make a new one with equally gratifying results.

It removes less skin, leaving a suprapubic scar of much shorter length and also the suture of the lower part of the abdominal rectus muscles is performed, in order to fit the belly.

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