Chemical peeling

Sunspots, resulting from pregnancy or that appear with age. Irregular pigmentation, acne marks or other skin lesions. All this gives a more aged look to your face.

It's a gentle and painless procedure, allowing Remove the superficial layers of the skin where dead cells and lesions are found, to leave a new layer visible, without marks or spots. It also eliminates small wrinkles.

El chemical peeling is a medical-aesthetic treatment, Non-invasive, with depigmenting effect that leaves the skin more uniform, gives shine and luminosity to the face.

The treatment consists of rejuvenate the pithe by the medical application of different chemical solutionsand phenolic acid and trichloroacetic, with which we will get a exfoliation of the superficial and middle layers of the skin, eliminating thedead cells and stimulating collagen synthesis.

Chemical peeling

Especially it is indicated for after the summer, since in only three or four sessions it is possible to radically change the quality of the skin in face, neck, neckline or hands.

Este treatment It serves for Effectively improve the signs of skin aging:

  • Improve spots
  • Decrease dilated pores
  • Diminish small wrinkles
  • Bring light to the face
  • Fight the aftermath of acne

The Division of Aesthetics and Apparatus of CSE | Clínica Salud Estética rWe recommend carrying out preparatory chemical peeling, what includes:

  • Sanitation and facial moisturization
  • Gentle preparatory peeling

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