Dr. Patricia López Fajardo

Dr. Patricia López Fajardo is intensive medicine specialist With a long career at the Hospital La Candelaria in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Got sor doctorate in Biomedical and Clinical Research

After many years dedicated to his specialty, he wanted train in Aesthetic Medicine and that's how he did the specific Master of the Complutense University of Madrid. This path finally led him to CSE | Clínica Salud Estética and quickly tuned in with the philosophy and working method of Dr. Antonio García and your team.

With it, therefore, we have a holistic and comprehensive training doctor who can rely on the increasingly sophisticated procedures and technologies we develop. In particular, run the Profound-CSE system, which requires such a specialist, and the treatments of facial, neck and cleavage redensification.

Aesthetic Health Clinic - Dr Antonio García
C / La Marina, 23 (corner. Bouza), 38002 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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