It is about the correction of protruding, deformed or simply larger ears. In this type of intervention, the team of plastic surgeons from CSE | Clínica Salud Estética Throughout these years, in which we have worked with the greatest specialists in this procedure at an international level.

While it is true that many plastic surgery interventions have positive consequences for the patient's psychic well-being, we can say that the otoplasty It is one of the most remarkable.


The surgery consists of repositioning the ear cartilage through an incision in the back of the ear, filing it and folding it in such a way that it acquires a completely normal appearance. In addition, the posterior separation will have to be reduced by reducing a part of the ear shell.

After the intervention, a protocol of revisions is carried out according to the guidelines indicated by the team of plastic surgeons of CSE | Clínica Salud Estética.

The protruding ears is a disorder of the auricular cartilage easy to solve with local anesthesia and with observable results immediately after the operation.

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