Micropigmentation and Microblading

A perfect and natural face at all times with micropigmentation and microblading

Micropigmentation is a technique of  semi-permanent makeup which serves to beautify the morphology of the lips, of the eyebrows and to make the eyeliner very natural.

It will allow you to show off more expressive and flattering features at all times without the need to put on makeup every day. With great subtlety and sensitivity by the specialist of CSE | Clínica Salud Estética, we managed to enhance all the beauty of the factions.

This is achieved by outlining the lip contour, outlining prettier eyebrows with greater optical density, or by intensifying the eye line.

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With micropigmentation and microblading, the face gets a fixed base durable that creates a  optical beautification which enables do without daily makeup.  

With the microblading technique, the eyebrows are subtly profiled hair by hair.  Often our eyebrows grow poorly or irregularly due to constant shaving. The mission of microblading is to draw perfect eyebrows and with 3D effect, providing the ideal solution so that they always look beautiful, natural and designed according to the morphology of the face.

This technique allows beautify thin and poorly shaped lips, since it is possible to delineate and shade them completely. Irregularities are corrected with the profiling and the asymmetries are balanced. The color palette to choose from the most natural to other trend. The result will be beautiful and seductive lips, always perfect. 

With the micropigmentation of the eyelid lines we can provide an intense expressiveness to the look and your eyes will always look perfect in all the activities you do (sports, sunbathing, bathing, for everyday life or work). It is also ideal for those who use glasses and they find it tedious to put on their eyes every day.

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