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The work of CSE | Clínica Salud Estética It is also a source of attention on the part of the press.
Especially the Dr. Antonio García during his long career he has repeatedly been the protagonist of Canary and state media.

At year 2013 Our doctor appears in the top ten of the plastic surgeons of Spain made by the newspaper El Mundo. Since then the specialized press prints the nickname of Canary Beauty Doctor in the references to our plastic surgeon.

At the national level, recurring appearances in specials dedicated to the Scalpel Elite of El Mundo newspaper, together with a select group of specialists from all over Spain.

At year 2017 , Dr. Antonio García receives from the Minister of Health the Prize to the Excellence in Breast Plastic Surgery of the supplement TO YOUR HEALTH of the newspaper the Reason, next to outstanding doctors and scientists of other specialties at national level.

In turn, the Dr. Carlos Brage It has attracted media attention for its brilliant curriculum.
The Canarian press has also been interested repeatedly in CSE | Clínica Salud Estética, devoting recurring articles of interest on the vision and trajectory of our Clinic and its team of Beauty Experts

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