Dr. Antonio García Hernández

My philosophy of beauty consists of ...

  • Provide effective solutions that produce safe results with harmonic and natural effects
  • Respect the uniqueness and unique character of each patient
  • Maximize beauty that we are capable of radiating at any stage of life

Mi restlessness has always been to bring to the Canary Islands all the aesthetic resources y doctors of the world of beauty at an international level, in addition to developing the most meticulous and precise plastic surgery techniques.

Mi or services is that true beauty is measured by all those people who look at us smile from the heart and we can enhance that light that we radiate when we feel well-being with our own physical appearance.

Mi delusion is waking up with motivation every day to be able to offer my patients a kind experience of beauty, understanding the importance of loving and caring for ourselves in all stages of life.

Mi vision is that all people achieve to be the best version of themselves, both physically and in their capacities, respecting and honoring their uniqueness, regardless of their age. This can be achieved with healthy lifestyle habits, as well as taking advantage of the enormous advances in anti-aging medicine, plastic surgery and aesthetic technology of these times.

Mi gratitude Unconditional is for my father, my best teacher, to whom I owe everything I am, having come this far, the passion for my work and the absolute dedication to the patient.

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Aesthetic Health Clinic - Dr Antonio García
C / La Marina, 23 (corner. Bouza), 38002 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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