La alopecia It is the abnormal loss of hair, the result of a pathological process. The causes of alopecia are diverse and detecting them represents a challenge for both the doctor and the patient.

It is a very complex process whose pathophysiology has as a common denominator a microcirculatory disorder at the level of the hair follicle in the majority of patients.

En CSE | Clínica Salud Estética our specialists in hair treatments they can make an accurate diagnosis and propose the most appropriate treatment according to the case of each patient.


En CSE | Clínica Salud Estética We offer combined therapies for the treatment of hair loss, which include:

  • Mesotherapy with own formula based on minoxidil, cocktail of vitamins and amino-acids
  • Mesotherapy with PRP (Plasma Rich in Platelets)
  • Micro-needling
  • Carboxitherapy
  • Light biostimulation
  • Supplementation

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