Soprano XL and Soprano ICE System

One of the basic concerns of many women and men to achieve their aesthetic well-being is to free themselves from the bondage of having to wax regularly and see your body definitely free of unwanted hair. Fortunately, in recent years the available laser hair removal systems have been greatly developed, so anyone who wants to can achieve that dream.

The technique of laser depilation consists Apply a light that weakens the hair follicle. The follicle is the part of our skin that deals with hair growth. The treatment acts in a way that weakens the root of the hair, until you get rid of it completely.

Soprano XL and Soprano ICE System

In the Aesthetics and Appliance Division of  CSE | Clínica Salud Estética we are very aware of the need to carry out laser hair removal by means of the equipment that best suits the premises of the Dr. Antonio García, INNOVATION, SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY. For this reason, we exclusively use the most advanced high-power diode laser, the SOPRANO XL and SOPRANO ICE, which are the laser hair removal platforms that best meet these demands.

The treatment is carried out by specialized personnel and begins with a first appointment in which a general questionnaire on health and hair removal habits must be completed. In this consultation, the skin phototype is evaluated and it is evaluated if there are any contraindications.

An initial test is then carried out that helps us to check the reaction of the skin, with the peace of mind of having Dr. Antonio García for any questions that may arise in any phase of the hair removal protocol.

The first thing to know is that hair grows in cycles but not all hair follicles are in the same growth stage since they are not synchronized. In each laser session, only the hair that is in the growth phase is destroyed, so it is necessary to carry out several sessions at regular intervals to be able to reach everyone when they begin to grow. It is considered that in each laser session about 20% of the hair is lost, while the rest is weakened, it will grow finer and you can shave it until the next session.

SOPRANO Laser studies show that dark hair is permanently removed by 90%. This is because it is melanin that transmits the laser energy to the hair follicle, which is what we are interested in eradicating. Therefore, melanin performs an absorption function, making this laser ideal for men and women with light complexions and dark hair. However, people with light and fine hair can also achieve satisfactory results, as well as people with dark or tanned complexions, which makes this equipment especially suitable for the latitude in which we find ourselves in the Canary Islands.

The number of sessions varies depending on the location, quantity, density and color of the hair, as well as the type of skin and the hormonal conditions of each patient. Therefore, the treatment is personalized, as the professional adjusts the parameters of the equipment based on individual characteristics. In general, between 5 and 10 sessions are considered necessary to lose 80 to 90 percent of the hair, leaving the residual rest very weak and thin.

SOPRANO laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types and phototypes. Therefore, it can be used 365 days a year, also on brown skin or with greater sun exposure. It is especially suitable for men, who generally have thicker and deeper hair follicles, and also for women with finer hair and shallower follicles.

The SOPRANO laser system is indicated to treat any part of the body, including delicate areas such as the pubis or buttocks, or of the face, whether it is the upper lip, chin, sideburns, etc.

With the SOPRANO laser platform sunbathing is no longer a problem, since hair removal can be performed on tanned skin as long as there is no solar erythema (redness). One week after each session it is possible to enjoy the sun again, although it is advisable to use sunscreen throughout the treatment.

With the SOPRANO laser, the discomfort of hair removal is minimized, since a scanning system is used that distributes the energy evenly over the surface to be treated. In addition, the equipment works with a frozen head that counteracts the heat produced by the laser, at the same time that a cold ultrasonic gel is applied. The patient may feel some tolerable heat and pinpricks, indicating that energy is being transmitted to the hair follicle. In the most sensitive delicate areas we begin the sessions with less intensity so that, as the hair becomes thinner and there is less concentration, it will allow us to increase the intensity in the following applications.

It is advisable to come to the session with the area shaved one or two days before, since you should not have long hair but it should be under the skin. This way we make sure that there will be no redness or small discomfort in the area to be treated. No starting method, wax or tweezers should be used throughout the treatment.

Thanks to the sweep method, hair removal is done in a shorter time per session, because the spot is larger and each area is only worked for several seconds.

While the hair removal lasts, it is possible to continue with the facial or body aesthetic treatments that we are doing, such as exfoliations or radio frequency, but it is necessary to postpone them to a week after the laser.

After the session, irritant or alcohol-containing gels or creams should not be applied to the area until the skin calms down completely, and the use of aloe vera gel is recommended, as it is soothing. Gentle deodorants can be used in the armpits and the usual cosmetic products.

  • You have to assess if you are taking any medication that could be photosensitive, such as certain antibiotics and vitamin preparations.
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • People who are undergoing anti-acne treatments
  • Those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Areas where tattoos exist

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