E-Light Photorejuvenation

E-Light Photorejuvenation tenerifeThis system of non-ablative facial rejuvenation, whereby the biological mechanisms of renewal of the epidermis are activated, combines pulsed light (IPL) with bipolar radiofrequency.

Over time and external factors, such as sunshine, the aging process of the skin accelerates causing the skin to take on a rough and irregular texture, often with spots, redness and veins that affect the uniformity of skin tone.

E-Light eliminates these imperfections without harming the rest of the skin surface, so it is ideal for a wide range of dermal aesthetic problems to be treated:

  • Pigmentation problems such as age spots, freckles and solar freckles
  • It corrects the damage from the sun
  • Treats large pores and scars caused by acne
  • Corrects imperfections caused by disorders of the blood vessels and capillaries (rosacea, erythema, couperosis, etc.)
  • Recovers elasticity and skin tone

With the equipment used at CENTRO SALUD ESTÉTICA side effects of pulsed light (IPL) are reduced because bipolar radiofrequency is used. This reduces the risk of injury pigmentation or blistering, and since the E-Light system reaches a dermal penetration of about 15 mm, more effective applications than with IPL are achieved, only with fewer side effects.

The E-light light beam system, penetrates the inner layers of the skin and stimulates the deposits of collagen and elastin deep down, thus initiating the regenerative action:

  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Restores natural elasticity, brightness and smoothness
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Lightens pigmented lesions

It is particularly suitable for the face, but it also applies to neck, chest, hand spots, and even the legs or arms. Recovery is rapid and patients can immediately join in with their social or working life, and immediately wear make-up after treatment. It is very important to use sunscreen on the treated area for at least three weeks afterwards.

Ideally, the patient should come to the clinic the least tanned possible to achieve greater efficiency without causing the skin any risks. Aftercare is important for a good outcome of the treatment. Therefore, it is essential during the treatment not to expose the treated areas to the sun, and to use creams indicated by the specialist. Even when the weather is cloudy, apply sunscreen.

Prepare the skin

From the CSE Division of Cosmetics and Laser we perform the preparatory treatment recommend for E-Light applications, which includes:

  • Facial Cleaning
  • Hydration / Moistening
  • Whitening Session