Threadlift tenerifeThis is a technique based on “tensioning” the skin by making use of multiple subcutaneous implantations of mini-resorbable threads of Polydioxanone (PDO), in areas where we want improval in tone and reduction of sagging skin.

The advantages of this treatment are:

  • Provides vectorial support to tissues
  • Promotes natural production of collagen and elastin
  • Produces a tightening effect
  • Improves complexion and skin texture

Not only,

  • it stimulates blood flow in the treated area
  • Activates the lymphatic channels in specific areas

Implementation of thread lift improves firmness and stimulates reticular tissue that connects the skin and the muscle which causes sagging. Consequently, it provides improved support to the skin with the desired clamping effect.

Polydioxanone acts as a scaffolding in the creation of collagen type I and III. Maximum lift is observed at about 3 months after treatment. The body reabsorbs the threads within 6-8 months and this causes a prolonged tightening effect.

Dr. Antonio Garcia combines implementation of thread lift and dermal filler in cheeks and grooves to produce anti-aging and overall revolumetration effect of the face.

Preparing the skin

At the CSE and Aesthetics Division we suggest preconditioning your skin with:

  • Facial Cleanness
  • Hydration treatment / moistening

After surgery

  • Sessions of deep hydration
  • Collagen stimulation therapy