Rhinoplasty tenerifeThe nose is the facial feature that gives the individual one of its most striking physiognomic features.

Aesthetic correction of the nose, either because it is excessively large, curved or deflected, is done by performing incisions without visibly scarring. The procedure usually lasts about two hours and it is performed under general anaesthesia with resorbable dots that fall apart only on the twentieth day, although Dr. Antonio Garcia generally extracts them earlier. Our surgeon makes use of nasal packing, which is extracted on the third or fourth day and a cast, which is removed after two weeks.

Nose surgery often focuses on correcting defects of the nasal tip, when it is very wide, high, or square, so in these cases refinement work of the nasal tip is required (70% of nasal surgeries).

The post surgical period is usually fairly constant, with some slight bruising and swellings that will disappear progressively. Final and ultimate results in this type of surgery will be seen after a few months.

Dr. Antonio Garcia recommends taking some special measures, such as avoiding sun exposure and wearing glasses for a period of one month.