Rejuvenation with pixel laser

Rejuvenation with pixel laser tenerifeToday’s society is increasingly aimed at seeking to have a young and dynamic look, which has generated a great demand for safe, unaggressive but effective methods of maintaining a good aesthetic appearance.

Such methods include “pixel laser resurfacing” through evaporation of water from tissues it allows subsequent removal of extremely thin layers of damaged skin, so that, once the reepithelization process is done, the skin achieves a firmer, smoother and unwrinkled aspect.

Because the outmost layers of the skin are removed, only a numbing cream prior to intervention is necessary to apply.

Experience has shown that discomforts are few, it only shows some tension and redness in the treated areas during the first few weeks.

As with the other exfoliating processes (dermabrasion, peels…) if no appropriate measures are taken, such as avoiding sunbathing and a sunscreen is always used, it is possible that discolouration and changes in skin pigmentation may occur.

Before and after treatment

Prior to the resurfacing session, at CSE Division of Cosmetics and Laser, we recommend a deep facial cleansing treatment.

Afterwards, please do facial moisturising treatment to reduce the feeling of tightness in the skin.