Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal tenerifeAt CENTRO SALUD ESTÉTICA we use the most advanced laser high power diode existing today in collaboration with the Quirón Hospital Group Institute for laser hair removal treatments.

The technology used by CENTRO SALUD ESTÉTICA is certified by the FDA American agency, it is suitable for all skin types and has no seasonal limitations, so it is possible even in summer. Therefore, very suitable for the latitude of the Canary Islands.

Qualified medical staff, under the supervision of our medical director Dr. Antonio Garcia, performs the treatment.

In an initial consultation we evaluate the skin type, whether there is a contraindication (e.g. if you are taking photosensitive medication) and then initial tests are done to check response to treatment.

Our system allows to easily remove hair in high phototype skins (darker) and tanned skin. Our system is more effective for both men and women with low phototype skins (whiter).

In addition, discomfort during treatment is minimal, because a scanning system is used, so that the laser head is in constantly moving during application. It also has a system, which ensures that the skin surface remains cool and comfortable during treatment.

Hair removal can be done in a single session or by buying a pack of 5 sessions with a more advantageous price.