gynecomastia tenerifeGynecomastia is the increased volume of breast tissue in a man.

Breast tissue in men is generally atrophied or it appears in a negligible volume. This tissue can increase volume because of genetic, hormonal or high obesity issues, presenting what is called gynecomastia. The result is bad appearance, which sometimes causes emotional problems that can be solved with simple surgery in a short time.

If it is a small amount of breast tissue and the volume is small, Dr. Antonio Garcia can proceed with removal by liposuction under local anaesthesia and sedation, and if there is also excess skin and the areola is low, a reduction skin is made with the use of pexia techniques (elevation of the circumferential areola), which leaves a scar around the new smaller and higher areola.

The only particularity of post surgery consists of a bandage the patient must wear within 24 hours of surgery before removal, and a chest compression garment for a month.