Facial Hygiene

Facial Hygiene tenerifeBasic

Ideal for a smoother, more luminous, and flawless complexion.

Careful and complete customized hygiene depends on skin type aims at:

  • Correcting the pores
  • Improving small spots
  • Removing dead cells
  • Removing blackheads

Staying hydrated, clean, bright, and free from impurities and with a smoother skin tone.

It also allows enhancement and penetration of active ingredients as well as improve the skin before any treatment.

It should be performed once or several times a year according to texture of the skin, and discretion of aesthetic professionals.


Effective protocol that deeply cleans the skin, detoxes and releases stress.

This meticulous cleaning protocol is based on detoxifying thermo-active enzymes which provide heat to open and soften the pores and botanic freshness to close and purify them.

This treatment is a new concept that gently pampers your skin and provides immediate well-being in order to reach maximum purity.

Pre-treatment of aesthetic medicine

A novelty treatment aimed at improving the quality of the skin before undergoing cosmetic medicine therapies or plastic surgery.

It improves the quality of the skin to achieve optimal levels of hydration and elasticity Dr. Antonio requires before starting treatment.