cavitation tenerifeThis is a technology that uses low frequency ultrasonic waves to produce microscopic bubbles that break the membranes of fat cells without affecting the surrounding structures, and respects the integrity of the blood and lymphatic system.

Cavitation does not use aspiring cannulas, anaesthesia or other surgical elements, because it works through a machine that simply touches the skin and releases ultrasounds obtaining the dissolution and removal of superfluous fat in fat cells, which is removed through the lymphatic system and urine.

The physical phenomenon of cavitation is based on the effect of ultrasound in liquids, causing repeated creation of micro vacuum bubbles due to the rapid oscillation of pressure changes. Using the creation and implosion of these bubbles pressure areas and sufficient density are generated to break the fat membrane which destroy the fat cells and cause triglycerides to be reabsorbed through the blood and lymph.

Cavitation sessions take about 40 minutes in the treatment area (buttocks, legs and abdomen, for example) and then other drainage techniques, massage and acupressure are applied to facilitate removal of the fat cells. This will prevent reabsorbng them again.

Before and after each session it is recommended to drink plenty of water and keep a low calorie diet. We strongly recommend that you do gentle exercise between sessions.

This treatment significantly improves circulation, eliminates toxins, increases the tone and elasticity of the tissues and has proven to help regulate intestinal transit.