Breast Lift

Breast Lift tenerifeLift plasty or mastopexy is a surgical procedure used to reposition breasts that have lost firmness.

There are different surgical techniques, but basically all of them aim at resectioning the skin that helps to provide firmness to the bust, while an internal breast tissue plasty is applied, designing a type of prosthesis anchored to the upper side and this prevents it from collapsing. In cases where chest ptotic (fallen) or mammary hypoplasia (small chest) occurs, submuscular prosthesis is positioned for more satisfactory results.

Dr. Antonio Garcia performs “Leijjour techniques” in what is called reductive scar surgery, which is basically a vertical mastopexy, which does not leave a large horizontal scar at the base of the breast.

The described surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia, with several incisions around the areola and others that will all turn into one single vertical scar, without having to add the former horizontal submammary scar (inverted T).

Stitches will be placed inside the skin and self absorbed so removal of intradermal suture is unnecessary, the final result being a thin almost invisible scar line .

Dr. Antonio Garcia leaves drainage tubes applied for a period of approximately 24 hours, after which they are removed and the patient can go home.