Basic Facials

Basic Facials tenerifeHydration

Hydration will build with ionization, which increases the activity of the moisturising agents.

This exclusive treatment allows to regain a “new complexion” by turning it into a “beauty treatment”, which is applied every month throughout the year, providing the face with a radiant look in all seasons.

Five versions are provided according to the needs of skin and beauty goals, to achieve a more beautiful complexion, better moisturized and glowing.


Deep nutritional treatment based on olives oil and chia.

In booth applications are done step by step with cosmetics, free from fragrances, sulphates, or dyes, and without petroleum derivatives.

It is suitable especially for sensitive skin and for those who are experiencing convalescence.

The effect is visible right from the first treatment; the skin is left clearer and smoother, making the face look substantially healthier and rejuvenated and resulting in an exponentially evident increase of brightness and softening of the expression lines and wrinkles.

Facials à la carte

The therapist will advise you to choose from our menu, concerning the most suitable treatment according to the season or skin type

Facials 4 teens

Treatment specially created for the youngest.

Pre-treatment for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

Dr. Antonio Garcia has created this pre-treatment with the aim of achieving perfect skin prior to aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery.

Essential for those who want outstanding results with our medical treatment.