Aesthetic-medical Facial (III)

Aesthetic medical Facial tenerife2Global Anti age Solution

DNA is the code where we find all the information necessary for our cells to develop properly, maintaining the balance between periods of activity and restoration, to recover from external aggression and maintaining their metabolic functions.

Over time, oxidative stress and environmental aggression, as well as internal mechanisms weaken the skin, damaging the DNA and unbalancing the expression of some key genes in the fight against ageing.

Facial Lift

Recovers volume loss in specific areas of the face providing greater density from inside the skin.

It revitalises and moisturises the skin improving elasticity, and it fills wrinkles and fine lines, sublimely remodelling facial contours, making it significantly more defined.


To improve the skin barrier and our water balance of the skin. Some types of skin need more extensive daily restoration.

We recommend this treatment for skin with premature and rapidly ageing than its chronological age.


It is a synergistic treatment for skin detox.

It is done once or twice a year, to complete any kind of treatment.

It is used before changing cosmetics or prior to the treatment we want to receive.

The daily use of products, pollution, stress, and constipation, … causes our skin to accumulate toxins and debris?? from the cells, so it becomes essential to do this treatment.

Eyes and lips treatment

For eyes and lips, at Centro Salud Estética you will find a wide range of specialized treatments for the problems in these sensitive areas.

We recommend a free initial consultation to diagnose and improve these areas.