abdominoplastia tenerifeAbdominoplastia

Abdominoplastia is a surgical procedure with the purpose of correcting the alterations on the abdomen, which show up over the years, such as loss of elasticity, firmness and laxity of the abdominal structures. The loss of tone produces the feeling of a distended abdomen, especially in women who have had several children.

Candidates for this surgery are not necessarily overweight, since many patients with normal body weight have evident strained abdominal muscles.

The procedure involves abdominal liposuction and the repositioning of the lower abdominal skin by performing an incision in the suprapubic area, which leaves the scar hidden under your swimsuit.

Dr. Antonio Garcia uses this surgical approach in order to correct the bloated area and outline the waist, and finally eliminate excess skin and underlying fat.

This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, with 48-hour hospitalization and abdominal compression band to wear for two months.


This surgical procedure is indicated for patients with more discreet and less pronounced abdominal fat, who do not need to remove all the skin from the navel to the suprapubic region.

In these cases we perform a less aggressive intervention without removing the navel to form a new one, but with the same gratifying results.

Less skin is removed, leaving the suprapubic scar much shorter and the bottom of the abdominal muscles are also sutured in order to obtain a flat belly.